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Calling on all professionals, how frequently should you update your CV/resume?

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    • Emmanuel Taiwo

      There’s a school of thought which says that you shouldn’t have to update your CV if you’re not applying for a job or ready to do so. This school believes that life and work are already demanding and so why bother about updating a CV which no one gets to read, since you aren’t applying and no one would be looking at the CV anyway.

      There’s also another school of thought who think that it doesn’t matter whether or not you’re applying, and that you need to have your CV updated from time to time. Hopefully, majority of you Glocal Networks community are in this latter school of thought 🙂 But how frequently should one’s CV/resume be updated? Folks, the jury’s out!

    • Nancy

      I think the resume should be updated every quarter. You can update the experience, if any and also any new training undertaken or mention about participation in activities or new achievements. Afterwards, you may forget to mention these things.

Viewing 1 reply thread
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