What is the single most critical skill you can learn as an entrepreneur?

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    • Daniel Oladejo

      How much thought have you given what you consider the single most critical skill you can learn as a entrepreneur. Having thought about this myself, I came to a conclusion and found this…


      Would you agree? If you disagree, what is your alternative?

    • Mike Smith

      Selling skills are definitely something that you would need if you want to be an entrepreneur. Being an entrepreneur, you can learn how to be more independent and it is self-motivating in itself as you are on your own as well as you are leading people. You have to acquire many skills and motivate others to do the same.

    • Jignesh Patel

      Hey Daniel, thank you for sharing this video. I am an inspiring entrepreneur and this will certainly help me and give me some confidence. I will try to enhance my selling skills.

Viewing 2 reply threads
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