Steps to becoming a Chartered Environmentalist

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    • The environment is quite diverse and conspicuous where practice requires training, expertise and experience. How do we as experts in disciplines related to the environment begin to advocate for safe environmental practices and sustainability?

      I think one of the ways we can make impact in the environment is to collaborate with other experts in the field to drive the changes we seek.

      To this end, do we currently have professional bodies that drive policies related to the environment, such as Institutes of Chartered Environmentalists and other related professional bodies?

      If they exist, what are the criteria for membership?

      It will add value to this group if anyone has information in this regard.

    • Daniel Oladejo

      The umbrella body or organisation that has licensed professional institutes to award the Chartered Environmentalist (CEnv) registration to experienced and knowledgeable members is the Society for the Environment.

      A list of licensed member bodies can be found here

      So, I guess the question to consider individually is, do I belong to any of the licensed professional bodies. My understanding is that your location should not be a barrier to you being accepted as an eligible member to any of the professional bodies. I am a Full Member of the Institute of Environmental Management and Assessment but the Chartered Environmentalist status takes my membership one step further. This means it is not automatic but a deliberate application with subsequent award and registration.

      I hope this helps.

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