The problem with water

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    • Michael Kehinde

      Water is the elixir of life. Next to air, water is the most crucial naturally-occuring resource needed for life on earth, and for human civilization to persist and thrive. Humans, in spite of all our breakthrough achievements, are presently incapable of producing water in the mass quantities required to augment or replace the natural resource. And we probably will never attain to that.
      So we have to grapple intelligently with the challenges that water presents. Challenges that could be natural or man-made or both. I have put these challenges into 4 categories shown below:

      Too much – flooding
      Too little – drought
      Too poor – quality
      Barely enough – quantity

      Can we overcome these challenges?
      What do we need to do to solve the problem with water?
      But I am only an individual, what role do I play?

      We will attempt to explore this topic, and any questions you may have, together in a Q&A session planned for September 2020.

      Please register your interest to participate at info@glocalnetworks.com

    • Daniel Oladejo

      I am confident that the session on ‘the problem with water’ will be interesting.

    • Matthew

      These are quite valid and thought-provoking questions. Water problem exists in some form or the other in every country but governments around the world are not paying enough attention to it. Also, we can’t just rely on the government to find a solution and as citizens, we need to do our bit to ensure that our future generations have access to potable water.

Viewing 2 reply threads
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